Bomb It 7
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  • Added : 24.05.2017
Bomb It 7 ; Welcome to the annual competition of robots "Bomb It 7". Only true masters of their work participate here. And, of course, you! In the game "Bomb It 7" you have to become not just one of the participants, but a real winner. You can play this game alone, and together with a friend. First, you need to choose the kind of competition in which you will participate. In total there will be five: an arcade, a steep disassembly, a new puckman, a collection of stars and a snowman. Each match has its own rules, but in one they are similar - an explosion of opponents. You have to collect coins, stars, freeze monsters, collect various bonuses and points. In the game "Bomb It 7" you will find a huge number of bonuses - from additional lives to the gloves of a sapper and a bomb - dolls. When you win and earn enough bonus points, you can transform your favorite character. For example, you can make a girl more cute and fashionable, and a boy - dangerous and frightening. Well, now into battle! Blow up, collect and win!