Bomber Friends
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  • Added : 24.05.2017
Bomber Friends ; Are you ready to make a little noise? So we go to the world of explosions in the game "Bomber Friends" Here, you can become a storm of all the bombers and demolitions. Before you set foot on the battlefield you should choose a game mode. There are only three of them: one against all, a robot quest and a presidential competition. Also, you can pick up your hero in the "customize" option. There you can choose the hero you like among twelve characters - from monsters and yeti to brutal Vikings and pirates. Now we can go to loud battles. At each level, you need to blast brick blocks with bombs. Avoid monsters and enemies, otherwise you will lose your life. Also, beware, as enemy bombs, and their own, because bursting they sweep everything in its path. After the explosions, you will often find with different bonuses, but not all of them will benefit you. Try to avoid the icon with the image of the skull, otherwise you will run into a curse. After each game, you will earn gold, which you can sell and buy dynamite and other useful things. Have a good game!