Red Ball 4 Volume 3
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  • Added : 26.05.2017
Red Ball 4 Volume 3 ; In the game "Red Ball 4 Volume 3" the pursuit of enemies will lead you to an abandoned factory. No one even suspected that this plant was still in working order. Residents of the kingdom already did not remember when it was closed and what is the reason. But apparently the gray cube managed to bring all the mechanisms into action and now the plant works as a pretty one. True, it works for the good of the enemy. The red ball will have to work hard to defeat the villain on its territory. There are now traps and traps here. Immediately a real ambush. You together with the red ball need to overcome not one obstacle, which abounds with the game: lasers, ribbons, iron presses, unstable platforms and enemies. In addition to the usual gray blocks, you will meet new enemies on your way. So called cubes - terminators with one red eye. They must be avoided, because they explode in a collision. Good luck!