Truck Loader 5
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  • Added : 30.05.2017
Truck Loader 5 ; Now it will be hot! The Truck Loader 5 game promises to be very interesting, but very difficult. So, once again you will be behind the wheel of a large loader, who will have to work hard to do his job. At each level, your main goal will be to load a certain number of boxes, boxes and barrels into the truck. Once you do this, the truck will leave and you will proceed to the next level with a clear conscience. But do not think that everything here is so simple. Ahead of you expect a huge number of puzzles and logical problems. You will have to demonstrate all the dexterity and ingenuity to achieve your goal and get all the necessary items. But sometimes you have to be very careful, because you have to work with a flammable substance, which is in special boxes. Check for strength of yourself and your logic. Have a good game!